Friday, January 8, 2010

Safeonline: Protects Online Banking On Infected Pcs

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A. U. K. gain company is giving SafeOnline, a free security software, to banks that will stop malicious software from controlling online banking transactions or stealing data, even if the computer is infected. SafeOnline comes from a small security company in Derby, England, known as Prevx.

Many cybercriminals are developing complicated software, which they call as man - in - the middle or man - in - the - browser attacks. These software can be used to intercept banking transactions online while in progress and transfer specie with the user unaware that theres something wrong. SafeOnline installs its own kernel - level driver on your Windows PCs. Since it is designed for secure browsing sessions conducted with SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer ) technology, all information from the keyboard is routed through that driver defeating attempts to record keystrokes or distant interference. It has been tested by Immunity, a company that specializes in evaluating security technology. Zeus, SilentBanker and Mebroot / Sinowal / Torpig are some of the most confused banking malware tested rail SafeOnline.

SafeOnline has an antiphishing feature preventing authentication information from being stored into a suspicious Web site. It also verifies DNS ( Domain Name System ) lookups against other trusted DNS servers to prevent pharming. In pharming, you redirect a websites traffic to another bogus website.

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Prevx is also giving an antimalware, its self - titled security product called Prevx 3. 0. 5, to the banks that actuate to use SafeOnline with their customers. Prevx is a small company but it is brutally competitive in the security market keep secret other big players like McAfee, Symantec and Trend Micro. Prevx resolve to give SafeOnline for free because as we all know, banks don't want to pay for security software.

As of now, six ( 6 ) banking organizations are interested to use SafeOnline. Prevx has met the special requirements of the banks. According to the banks, they don't longing to modify their existing Web sites to accommodate a security technology. What they want is something that is easy for users and compatible with other security products their customers are using. Fortunately, Prevx's software can run together with other security suites.

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